Does more Ram provide more Power to Device |Android Devices

Well,it would be wrong to say that Ram does not play a important role in providing more Raw power to the device.
But the Question here is how much Ram is needed  2Gb , 4Gb , 6Gb , 8Gb for the best functioning of your device.

Everyone says the more the better.but its notalways correct as I say “the exact required amount is the best” .
Today one if the best devices in the market like Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 are dominating the market in Android area as they are the best.

Both devices are packed with 4Gb ram and Snapdragon 821 octa-core processor.So why the low budget devices or lets say High end devices also going for 6Gb ram or 8Gb ram  and those devices in the market  with 6 or 8 Gb ram doesn’t even come bundled with top notch features or lets say top build processor or motherboard.

Various testing proves that even with 4gb ram packed devices the device never accelerates to its full ram capacity even when the device is running in it’s fulll potential.

 So according to me or say any Android lover says that 4Gb amount of ram is more than enough for the devices  and companies should focus on improving other stuff in device’s rather than increasing the Ram every time a new device launches. Like OnePlus , Samsung .


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