Bluetooth 5.O : Explained

So,These days we don’t talk a lot about Bluetooth stuff coz Everything has gone to cables and wifi.

The last updated version of Bluetooth was 4.0   and mostly every device had 4.0 and some oudated once could  be pretty much running 3.0 but nobody gives a shit to them.

As today Bluetooth is boring ,slow much more of no use type except for Bluetooth Speakers or vechicle pairing for receiving calls and messages.

But now with Samsung Galaxy S8 things are changing as it is the first device to ship out with


So what is the difference between 4.0 and 5.0 To start with we have three major upgrades to Bluetooth 5.0 

  1. 2X Faster

The new Bluetooth 5.0 features 2x faster speed than its predecessors. That means the pairing is much more faster now.

2. 4x Range 

The older version of Bluetooth doesn’t offered that much room for connectivity.coz way too much less range.


3. 8x Data

Now the rate of transfer of data has been increased to a whole new level in Bluetooth 5.0 now no more glitches with speakers or Bluetooth calls. 


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